Joseph Nipah: J N Books Hidden power of forgivenessTHE HIDDEN POWER OF FORGIVENESS: Becoming Free From The Deadly Roots Of Bitterness

The tendency for a person to feel emotionally hurt when mistreated is natural with every normal human being. However, failing to deal appropriately with emotional hurts could sink one into the subtle but deadly trap of bitterness. Once emotional pain is allowed to reach this level, it becomes difficult to deal with it. It could eventually end up with damaging consequences for the heart harbouring it. In this book, Dr Joseph Nipah explains how the Lord opened his eyes to understand how bitterness keeps many Christians in prison, preventing many from enjoying total deliverance and denying others of the peace and blessings, which God has kept in waiting for them. He explains why you should not allow the disappointments, traumas and abuses you experience in life to take over the space where God’s love is meant to fill. This book will challenge your justification to remain bitter against anyone and offer you a soothing balm to heal the deep wounds in your heart.

The Hidden Power of Forgiveness will help you to:

  • Understand the difference between hurt and bitterness
  • Be aware of the damaging consequences of living in bitterness and appreciate the need to free your heart from its grips
  • Discover the full power in forgiving the wrongs others have committed against you.
  • Find practical help in crossing over the barrier of unforgiveness, to let go of the pains which may have pushed your blessings out of your reach.