Purpose of the stormTHE PURPOSE OF THE STORM: Overcoming The Biggest Storm Of My Life

This is a testimony of God’s faithfulness. It is an account of the twists and turns encountered by the promises God had given to His servant, and how God ensured that His word did not fail.

Dr Joseph Nipah explains how The Lord delivered him from the deadly grips of an aggressive form of cancer and used the circumstances surrounding the experience to establish him to do what He had intended for him. The lessons he learnt during the most vulnerable period of his life, form the basis of the exhortations that are sandwiched between the narratives of the different phases of his experience.

The Purpose of the Storm is intended to encourage every believer; particularly those going through hard times to:

  • Be reminded that God is committed to bringing His children to good and perfect end in all endeavours of their lives.
  • Be aware that God is able to use unimaginable channels to bring out the plans and purposes He has for His children.
  • Remember that moments of weeping may endure for some time, but as certainly as the day follows the night; joy will be the end result for those who trust in Him.

The Purpose of the Storm will motivate and lift up your faith of the reader in The Lord